May 4, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          We live in a society where the rich build their mansions with the bones and coffins of the poor, and fuel their luxury yachts with workers blood. A society that puts the stamp of legitimacy on murder and destruction by calling it war, honours it, and shrouds it with a blanket of glory. The insane have brainwashed us into accepting the slaughter that is war, as a legitimate activity, when sanity tells us that it is murder based on greed and the seeking of power. In our theatre of illusions we accept that those who point the finger at another part of the planet and sign the declaration of war, are not the ones who pick up the gun, that part of the grand illusion is up to the us, the ordinary people, who have no desire to kill ordinary people from another part of our planet, and who will never share in the loot garnered from the bloodshed, but will pay for that bounty with their blood.
        The question is, why do we accept such gross insanity, injustice and subterfuge, why do we send or sons and daughter to fuel this insane illusion, while those who hold the reins of power, with all its attendant wealth and privileges, live in a bubble of secure opulence. The absurd nature of this insane society is blatantly obvious as the few hold the vast majority of the the fruits of the earth, while the many who produce those fruits of the earth, struggle with poverty and destitution on a daily basis. 

        The system we live under is not written on tablets of stone, handed down from some man in the sky. It is a human created economic system that favours the few at the expense of the many. We can destroy it and create a system of equality, based on co-operation, sustainability, free association, free from the greed driven profit motive and sees to the needs of all our people. There is no magic wall or supernatural power standing in our way, just a small bunch of greedy sleaze ridden parasites. We have the imagination, the power and the ability, all we need is the will. After all, we the ordinary people built every road, mansion, cathedral, hospital, ever ship that sailed, every truck that moved, we loaded it and unloaded it, grew ever vegetable, ploughed every field, what have we got to fear? 

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