November 23, 2020
From Clean Reboot

Humans don’t chose what they eat nor they get it themselves, they get it from the shop not for convenience but so they don’t lose time and can focus only in their modern swl(slave wage labor), in the process their body’s are controlled by the non-food they put in their body.
This is a leviathanic cycle AKA closed vicious en-jailing circle or even, The circle of death and deceive.
Since most time of their life time is consumed with swl, humans can’t eat they can only be fed, they are then fed with the wrong fuel for their type of vessel which makes them sick, sicken the body and the soul will follow.
Medical propaganda then says disease is natural and allied with big pharma comes up with a solution, synthetic drugs, obviously this doesn’t cure anything on the contrary only prolongs the human slow agony with the now newly created, chronic diseases.
They find themselves spending a lot of their, fake virtual wage in pharma and as their vessels grow older disease also grows so does the monetary expenses for more pharma the only thing going down is their, fake virtual wage because, irony, they can’t produce as much as they used to when the vessel was in better shape. And so in the end they are discarded to make room for the next generation, not until they are sucked dry of anything of value to civilization.
So human domesticated life serves the only purpose of feeding civilization in its exponential growth, there is no real benefit for humans, they are just little pieces of machinery.
Sure humans live longer now thanks to technology but it is so they can continue to produce longer, no surprise then that when life expectancy grows so does their swl sentence time and they also live longer in sickness.