March 14, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         The government’s £4.8 billion “level up” and “regeneration” scheme is not what it seems, far from taking the most deprived areas and trying to make them more affluent, It appears that it is more a matter of taking affluent areas and making them more prosperous. Some areas likely to gain from the fund happen to be well-to-do Tory areas, for example, surprise, Chancellor Sunak’s rather posh area of Richmond, fits their criteria for aid, as well as local government secretary, Robt. Jenrick’ constituency of Newark, they fit into the loaded criteria for funding, where as some of the most deprived areas fail to meet that criteria, for example Salford and Barnsly, among the most deprived areas in the country.
         No more than we would expect from the bunch of well heeled hypocrites and parasites that form what is called Her Majesty’s Government. At least we can say that is a statement of truth, I think the title sort of hints at which side they stand and who they represent. 
          If we wish to “level up” our country, we will have to do it ourselves, do it by organising in the communities, work places and on the streets, through forming co-operatives, mutual aid and taking control of the means of production and distribution, We know how to manufacture and build things, we know how to distribute them, and we know how to do that in a democratic and just manner, seeing to the needs of all our people. We do not need “the economy”, that is just a means for transferring wealthy to the powerful and privileged. The capitalist system is not “God” given, written on tablets of stone, it is simply a man made system of exploitation that will always widen the gap between rich and poor, under its so called laws, the rich will always get richer, the poor will always get poorer. 
        Or we could continue as we are doing and be pillaged and plundered by the wealthy and privileged, handing our kids and grand kids a heritage of more poverty and deprivation.
The giggling audacity of the rich
midst the pitiful anguish of the poor,
those bloated laughing cavaliers
using pillage to secure
their lives of arrogant excess,
a pirate’s plundering tour.
That this world must be
a place where the many toil and sweat
grinding out their meagre existence
in poverty, hunger and debt,
while the hubristic greedy few
live the life of a pampered pet.
No more war, no deprivation
a world of sharing, a world of giving
a chance for all to grow and prosper
in a culture of friendship and forgiving.
With true love and understanding
we can create a new way of living.

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