November 15, 2020
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         When we look around we can all see, poverty and deprivation, we are all aware of the corporate plundering of our planet and the ensuing bloody and violent wars to gain and/or to protect that plunder. We all have seen the evidence that the present economic system is destroying the planet and all life on the planet. We are all witness to the gross inequality, with a privileged few wallowing in obscene opulence, while a teardrop away the many struggle for a decent life, millions die from hunger, across the world, while millions of others find sleep in some dark doorway or back alley. Yet the many still turn up for work, politely go about their business and patiently put up with the advancing Armageddon. Why are we so forgiving, polite and patient? 
        Why is there no outrage on the streets, why is there no explosion of anger, why do we allow this system to continue to function, knowing full well the ending is death to life on our only home, planet Earth? Is it because we don’t care about the future, or what happens to the next generation, our kids and grand-kids? Or is it that most are comatosed by their daily struggle to survive, or hypnotised into a zombie state of acceptance, submissiveness, consumerism, celebrity worship and envy, by an extremely sophisticated culture of subliminal control where reality comes in the form flashy images and fast moving emotional stimulating advertising and government propaganda? Our politeness must be put in abeyance, our patience must end, and our forgiveness withdrawn, and be replaced by our pent up righteous anger and blood red rage, driving our action, it is the only way we
can ever hope to stop this dystopian vision becoming our worst
nightmare reality. 


Am I a dreamer?
Ever dazzled by unrisen dawns,
always hearing the song of liberty
though freedom’s flag is torn.
I walk towards a world
no borders, kings or slaves;
history claims the warrior’s hand
peace the crown of bays.
I see the hungry feasting
midst the brotherhood of man;
all the children singing
the fear of famine gone.
I find the common man
hold his brother dear
create a world of social justice,
Elysian fields their sphere.
Freedom’s flag is torn,
quiet is liberty’s song
unrisen suns still to dawn;

 Or dreamer born?

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