September 25, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          Every state moves inexorably towards fascism, small steps, large steps, slow and fast, the direction is the always greater control over the population and harsher treatment for dissenters and those who chose not to fit into their little catalogue of boxes. The UK’s latest crime bill is one massive step firmly into the realms of fascism. Protests can and will be classified as acts of terrorism, protesters terrorists, Travellers and Romani will come under ever great harassment with the risk of losing their vehicles, making their way of life impossible. This bill affects us all, we will have to conform or be singled out  for special attention by the state apparatus. Under no circumstances can these new legislations come under the category of a democratic country, that illusion has long been dispelled. We live in a country of total surveillance, monitoring and profiling, your ever move photographed and logged, we are subject to the prying eyes of the state as it clamps down on any form of dissent, any form of activity that strays from their legislated pattern.


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