December 21, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

       I’ve just received the new book “Between Thought and Expression Lies a Lifetime, Why Ideas Matter” by Noam Chomsky and James Kelman, PM Press ISBN: 978-1-6296-3880-5. Described by one reviewer as Brilliant, Incisive, Fearless. A quick lick through it and it looks both informative and interesting, but like all books written for and by the radical left, it shouldn’t be taken as some sort of sacred gospel. It is the considered opinion of those involved drawn from personal experience, thoughts, discussions and readings and should always be seen a such. No matter the differences you may have, I’m sure you will find something new, interesting and even controversial, but you will come away with some new thoughts and insights, what more can you ask of a book.

      I should add that all the proceeds from the Scottish end of this production will go to support, the Spirit of Revolt Archive. We at Spirit of Revolt are extremely grateful for the authors’ support and generosity. You can also help support Spirit of Revolt by purchasing the book and spreading this info far and wide. 

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