May 22, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         The war in Ukraine shattered the illusion that we live in a peaceful world held by most of the population encompassed in the snug and “peaceful” enclave we call Europe. Suddenly there was blood flowing in Europe, shock, horror, how could this be? What most in Europe fail to grasp is that war is ever present in the present economic system of state/corporate capitalism. While we in Europe wallowed in this illusion of a peaceful world, vast swaths of the planet were living with mass deaths and blood flowing like mountain streams. Power struggles of one faction over another, states taking sides and the “peaceful” West supplying support to this state or that state and supplying the devastating weapons to make this living hell possible. The “peaceful” West is the overseer of this perpetual bloodshed, it is one of their cash-cows. Not until we get rid of the insane economic system of capitalism and the destruction of all state apparatus, this bloodshed will continue, and the corporate world will make billions of £’s to feed their greedy over privileged shareholders, all of it stained with the blood of innocents.

The following from Statista:

The World at War in 2022
Armed Conflict

by Martin Armstrong, Feb 14, 2022

         May 8, 2021 marked 76 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe – VE Day. While the conflict which claimed millions of lives on European soil is firmly committed to the annals of history, conflict in the East of the continent is still a harsh reality in the present day. Even before the recently increased risk of a Russian invasion, the Ukrainian crisis, ravaging the Donbass region of the country, had amassed a death toll above the 13 thousand mark.
        As data collection by the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) shows, a substantial portion of the globe is still engulfed in some form of conflict. This infographic shows countries in which there have been reports of armed clashes involving state forces and/or rebel groups in 2022. Even as early as February 4, and using this simplified definition, the presence of war across the world is extensive.
        Unlike the situations in Donbass and Syria, for example, not all conflicts fit the picture we may have in our minds when thinking of war. In Mexico in 2021 for example, ACLED recorded 6 armed clashes involving state forces. Each one though was a battle between different law enforcement entities – providing a snapshot of the ongoing fight against police corruption and the deep-seated influence of organized crime. So far for 2022, no such incidents have been recorded in the country.

Infographic: The World at War in 2022 | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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