May 6, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

           As is usual in this world of illusions, we in the West are always on the side of good, freedom and democracy. So any conflict the West indulges in must be for the good and those who oppose this are obviously on the side of evil. So in the Ukrainian situation we are expected to take the side of the righteous good West and stand against the evil that is Russia. If only it was that simple. The West lead by the self righteous U$A, has achieved the decimation of more countries than Russia can ever hope to achieve. The Western nation states, like Russia, are power mongers, all vying for control of the world’s resources, all attempting to seize the largest market share, and all ready to spill the blood of their respective populations to defend or expand their dominance in the field of resources and market share. They will gladly go to war and shed the blood of millions if they feel their dominance is threatened or they believe they can gain an advantage over the other. They consider that your blood is a price worth paying for their advantage. I don’t recall a war ever starting because bus drivers of one country wanted to kill plumbers in an other country, or shop workers from one country wanting to kill teachers from another country. It is always the rich and powerful that call for war when they think that their wealth and power might be threatened, full well aware that they will not be on the killing fields, that’s up to the bus drivers, teachers, plumbers and shop workers, who will gain nothing from this insanity.

The following from Act for Freedom Now:

          The way in which events in Ukraine are presented can deceive us. They call it a war of democracy and freedom on the one hand, with dictatorship and oppression on the other. It is supposed to be the time to stand as one, on the ‘right’ side of the barricade, in this battle between good and evil. But if we look behind the lines of spectacle, we see propaganda from all sides to enlist our bodies and minds for another round of geopolitical chess. The presented juxtaposition between freedom and oppression is false. Every country is at war in one way or another.
        Through military operations outside its borders. By driving refugees to their borders to their death. By manufacturing weapons systems or technologies for military use and selling them to anyone who buys them. Every State oppresses. By imposing its dominant system on its population and punishing its dissenters in an exemplary manner. We can fight the war. Not by being soldiers, but by being saboteurs. Directly, by attacking the war industry that makes war possible.
More broadly, by breaking the social peace on which every State depends for its continued existence.