March 14, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)


      I was twice in prison during the dictatorship of General Franco and I understood that I had two alternatives: resign myself or try to get out of there as soon as possible. For the first option I did not need anyone, for the second, yes.
        I say this because we tend to forget that we live in a prison, very decorated, but a prison that resignation and individualism reinforces. If we want to get out of it we need each other, we need all our energies to be directed towards that goal. Otherwise, we will be forging our own slavery and the slavery of future generations.

          It is a point that so many people fail to see, we live in a society where we have no real say on the shape or direction of the society in which we live. All those decisions are made by the people with the wealth, power and privileges, and that shape and direction will always be to their benefit. Our purpose or “duty” as far as the power mongers are concern is to keep the wheels of production turning and then consume the crap we make, ever increasing their wealth and power. We can be surplus to their requirements and be abandon, we can be used as cannon fodder in their power struggles, but never receive the any of the blood gained fruits of that struggle. We are wandering a manufactured world of tinsel and froth, of shiny bobbles and illusions, all scattered to appease us, a form of paracetamol, while the wealthy and powerful live lavishly on our sweat, poverty and submissiveness. As Loam says, we need each other to come together with the aim of ending this imprisonment and freeing tomorrow’s generations from this insidious prison.

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