May 3, 2022
From Libcom

The main day of Russian militarism and imperial revanchism – 9th of May – is coming. Ukrainian intelligence claims there are signs that the open mobilization is preparing by the regime to flood Ukraine with new meat. The necessary measures for compiling lists of conscripts are supposedly already being carried out. At the same time, the usual spring conscription in the RF is carried out this year only by about a third. Wishing victory to Russian weapons in front of the TV is much easier than going into the trenches personally. Replenishment for the shabby Putler troops is already being recruited from the marginals under short-term contracts for 3 months which in fact means the failure of the attempt to mobilize covertly, without too much noise.

Therefore, many people don’t believe that Putler will announce general mobilization on the 9th May due to his perspective of a catastrophic drop in rating. It is all the more illogical to do this during the celebration of the strength of the Russian army (thus, in fact, admitting their defeat in Ukraine). One way or another, everything is possible.

Meanwhile, according to human rights resource OVD-Info, 100 people in Russia became defendants in criminal cases for anti-war statements and actions from February 24 to April 20. Most of the criminal cases are related to the so-called fakes about the Russian army and other government agencies (new article 207.3 of the Criminal Code). Under other new articles, for calls for sanctions (Article 284.2 of the Criminal Code) and repeated discrediting of the Armed Forces (Art. 280.3), cases have not yet been initiated.

In second place are cases of vandalism, mostly motivated by hatred. People paint monuments in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, damage cars with Z-swastikas, write “No war” and otherwise express their opinion.

In third place is violence against the police. The main group of cases appeared in the first days of the invasion during clashes of anti-war protesters with riot cops. At the same time, nine activists in St. Petersburg were detained on suspicion of telephone terrorism. The case served as a pretext for searches and pressure on them.

The attacker of that paddy wagon yesterday was detained nearby. Telegram channel ASTRA writes that it was an anti-war action of a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Russian State University for the Humanities. His name is Vitaly Koltsov, to throw a Molotov cocktail he went in a suit and with a suitcase. Before it, he published a poetry about fiery hearts that illuminate the darkness:

If the day goes out forever – our glory will not fade
Death is given only once, we will choose it as we like
To see in the end how the desert lit up
Rising luminary of our fiery hearts

Vitaly Koltsov is the father of three children. A criminal case was initiated against him under Art. 317 of the Criminal Code (encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer). Нe faces up to 20 years of prison.

Тhe evening before May Day, all online surveillance cameras were offed in the downtown of Tver – both on the city administration’s website, and from private providers. Then turned out it was for putting up “Fuck the war” posters on the streets by unknown activists. During the day the cameras resumed work.

That same night in Perm anarchists dropped the banner “Peace to huts, war to palaces” and decorated with paint one of the Z-billboards. Next time they promised to commit such vandalism more aptly and on a larger scale:

And there is more and more evidence of the unwillingness to fight among those who are already in the occupying forces. The ostensibly intercepted conversation about mass refusal to go on a new offensive in Kharkiv region was published a few days ago by the Security Service of Ukraine:

“We, in short… abandoned this fucking shit, got it? And they keep us here very tough, almost to the being shot. We want to leave, but they don’t send us. He says: we were told to shoot you…”

By and large, Russia was able to successfully conduct a general mobilization only under Stalin. During the First World War, this ended badly for the authorities themselves, and they still keep the memory of this. Moreover, even if we assume that the opposition-minded urban youth gets into the RF Armed Forces, after receiving a weapon, some cop with a baton unlikely will be able to scare them, as is the case now. So let’s see what option the rotting empire chooses: to accept its defeat in the Ukrainian steppes, or to use a cure worse for it than the disease…

From the other side, see a such material about the mass wage robbery of Ukrainian workers by their bosses and an anarchist response via cooperative networking.

And this report about problems with inequality of conditions for the staff in Médecins Sans Frontières and their low efficiency compared to local self-organized volunteers.

Freedom to conscripts! Weapons to the people!