February 9, 2021
From Derry Anarchists (Ireland)

100 years ago today, February 8., 1921, Pyotr Kropotkin, biologist, geographer, revolutionary and foremost theorist of anarchist communism, died in the Russian city of Dimitrov.

Kropotkin, who was born in Moscow in 1842 as the son of a Russian noble family, lived a moving life:
Disillusioned with his education at the Palace of the Tsar, he turned to biological and geographical studies against the will of his family and spent long years on research trips in the anti-human environment of Siberia.
From his experiences and observations there, he grew convinced that not, as Charles Darwin claims, the constant struggle for existence was the formative factor of coexistence in humans and wildlife, but instead the mutual aid, i.e. voluntary cooperation between individuals in which both sides benefit.
You can read more about Kropotkin as well as an extensive list of text about Kropotkin’s work and life here
We commemorate Peter Kropotkin, who with his work also made a decisive contribution to our vision of a liberated society based on anarchist communism.
Long live anarchist communism!

Source: Derryanarchists.blogspot.com