December 16, 2020
From Act For Freedom

Molotov Attacks on Indonesian Traffic Police Stations

Received by email
Sulawesi Selatan Province, 13/12/2020.
In response and commemorates ACAB Day, our comrades carried out a
lone wolf attacks on Indonesian Traffic Police Station (Polisi
Lalu-Lintas) in two different places (Gowa region and Makassar
city), and leaves a paper of communiques with following inscriptions :
“This is just a little party for each of your (the Police)
brutalities that everlasted in our memories, All Cops Are Bastard :)”
There is a long version of the communiqes, the point is :
This action was form of solidarity to those the victims of countless
police brutalities in so-called indonesia, and particularly to those
who their houses and lands faced/got threatened to eviction,
demolition, and landgrabbed in Bara-barayya, Tamansari, Tambakrejo,
Kulon Progo, Pekayon, Pandang Raya, Bulogading, and intimidated and
arrested people of Kodingareng Island who struggle against sea sand
To our comrades, Randy, Yusuf, Bagus Putra, Akbar Alamsyah,
Maulana, who martyred during mass protest and riots against state
regulations (RKUHP & Omnibus Bill). To West Papua people whose get
murdered and tortured in the hand of police and military and still
stand to struggle for their freedom.