Our main activities as Palang Hitam Anarkis are advocating anarchists and militants who are persecuted and imprisoned for their radical political activities by providing and ensuring that they have lawyers, legal aid, moral support, and creating a call for national and international solidarity. If we are lucky enough, we usually cooperate with the lawyers of the defendants to copy investigation records in order to know if there’s snitching or whos name are mentioned. This cross-checking investigation records are also crucial for anti-oppression praxis. We also helped those who were on the run because of their political acitivities, whether it is financially or just giving information where they can hide in specific cities or area.

ABC-Indonesia or Palang Hitam Anarkis was initiated to help our comrades, especially Ucil who was not a student and was being denied legal aid, after the riot on May Day 2018 in Yogyakarta (M1). Or what was called as “March Against Feudalism”.

Palang Hitam was initiated by those that are being hunted or are on the list of wanted persons. Some of us have been and still are on the run from the state. Palang Hitam are not necessarily the only ABC for anarchist/revolutionaries prisoners and those who are on the run, but we were certainly the first. There are several ABC that are starting their own and its fantastic.

We are located in Java, some of our members are in the underground, meaning they still have legal issues. The increasing nationwide repression and as usual since 2018 up to 2020, especially after the anti-Omnibus Protest a few months ago.

As in 2019, there was a nationwide witch-hunt of anarchists, it was provoked by the thousand march of anarchists during the May Day rally in Bandung in which hundreds were arrested.

But since Palang Hitam Anarkis didnt do financial support anymore because of past misused of funds, since December of 2018 we decided to not ask for funding and that we will only focus on providing legal aid and solidarity.

And it is also because Front Anti Fasis Bandung doesnt want to ask fund from anyone, although comrade abroad offer some solidarity money we dont accept it, we simply gave them the contact to other collective that can be trusted in handling the money to the anarchists prisoners nationwide.

On 2019 the state and the police “illegally” arrested individuals just because of their political convictions, luckily there’s huge unitary effort in exposing this and some of the arrestes were released. We also helped some of ABC chapters in East Borneo and Pinrang, South Sulawesi.

When Corona break out three individuals were arrested accused of vandalism and inciting a nation scale looting, this caused a lot of media attention and sensationalisation. We’ve helped and pushing for legal aid even though theres this restriction of travelling in the early months of Covid breakout.

Last month all three of them already released. There are so many activities that we were engaged in with national and international network.

Until now, the state and police would labeled all of the protesters as anarchists or what they called “anarko”. We dont want to represent every anarchists organization but those who are affiliated with us and needed help.

Ever since the anarchists witch-hunt 2018 until now, regarding the massive protest against Omnibus law and other anarchists projects, more than ever we need a safehouse to shelter those who are on the run. And it is sad each time individuals who came for us but we cannot afford shelter and secure place for them – our only goal is to help comrades in need for safety and legal issues concerning action and other political opression.

Before 2018, there have been anarchists arrested for property destruction with serious terrorism charges, burning down police stations, we tried to learn from them and to create an infrastructure of counter-oppression and strong voice of solidarity. This climate of constant repression towards anarchists and anarchist projects makes it even more significant to have safehouses.

The money will be used to rent a house for a year and also function as a safe space for Palang Hitam members to do their work too.

Fund Palang Hitam Anarkis (firefund.net)

Source: Awsm.nz