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Info on local fash

April 6, 2021
From Philly Anti-Capitalist (USA)

Info on local fash


Heads ups for April 11

With a White Lives Matter march coming up April 11th (https://leftcoastrightwatch.org/2021/04/new-jersey-neonazis-plan-march-through-philly/) it might be useful for anti-fascists to familiarize themselves with local neo-Nazis and fascists who seem to be associated with the event. Much groundwork has already been laid for identifying members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association and their associates Keystone United/Keystone State Skinheads and Patriot Front. Although at the time of this writing NJEHA has attempted to distance themselves from the upcoming march (https://nitter.mastodont.cat/DLamontJenkins/status/1378399699967868930) there is no reason to believe that they are doing anything but trying to save face. The NJEHA has come to Philly before to harass anti-ICE protestors (http://idavox.com/index.php/2019/07/04/nj-boneheads-tried-to-cause-trouble-at-philly-i-c-e-protests/) and to put up fascists propaganda. KU/KSS have a much longer history of organizing fascist events, namely Leif Erikson Day, a celebration of colonization (https://phillyantifa.org/keystone-united-exposed-closing-thoughts/). Below are some links to information on known local fascists and far-right scum. The Proud Boys have not yet been associated with the White Lives Matter march but are included below in the event any that they attend unannounced.

Keystone United / Keystone State Skinheads / Be Active Front

New Jersey European Heritage Association FKA Advanced White Society
https://nitter.mastodont.cat/zig161zag/status/1329560884713189379 (or twitter.com/zig161zag/status/1329560884713189379 to view the original post on twitter)

Philly Neo-Nazi Member of New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA) Exposed

https://nitter.mastodont.cat/NYCAntifa/status/1349171255765848067 (or twitter.com/NYCAntifa/status/1349171255765848067 to view the original post on twitter)

Patriot Front FKA Vanguard America
Kieran P. Morris

Scott Baxtin—Erie, PA fascist.

Philly Proud Boys

General Local and National Fascists

Local Fascists and Nazis

One People’s Project Rogues’ Gallery

Verify your information when possible, people move, people get new cars, etc.

Source: Phlanticap.noblogs.org
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