The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) is excited to celebrate our 25th year – a remarkable anniversary. The IAS is proud to be here, continuing our work to advance contemporary anarchist thought. We’re moving into this 25th year by going big: renewing and rebooting our grants’ program, publishing the largest, most colorful issue of our journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory yet, and releasing two new books (with more in the works)!

The IAS owes this long and successful history to you, our community of supporters. If you’ve bought Perspectives, forwarded an essay on to a friend, donated once in the past 25 years, or if you donate every month: we’re grateful beyond words. Thank you. We can’t do any of this without you!

Here are some highlights from the past 25 years:

1996: The Institute for Anarchist Studies is founded by Chuck Morse as a non-profit to support the development of anarchism through grants to support writers.

1997: Perspectives on Anarchist Theory begins as an organizational newsletter, eventually merging with The New Formulation: An Antiauthoritarian Review of Books to become its own journal. The Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) series of conferences is launched by the IAS, bringing together anarchists and antiauthoritarian scholars and activists desiring to critically engage with both the anarchist tradition and the world at large.

2000: The IAS begins organizing Radical Theory Tracks at the National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR), an annual event that brought together activists from a variety of issues, ideologies, and backgrounds for a weekend of discussions in DC.

2004: The IAS launches the Latin American Archives Project in collaboration with comrades in Buenos Aires, Argentina to encourage the study of Latin America’s rich anarchist history.

2009: The current Perspectives collective takes up producing the IAS journal, collaborating with the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, developing what Perspectives is today.

2010: The first book in the Anarchist Interventions series, Cindy Milstein’s Anarchism and its Aspirations, is published in collaboration with AK Press and the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative. This is the first of now eight titles, and counting.

2011: During the Occupy movement, the IAS publishes the five part Lexicon pamphlet series on the keywords: anarchism, colonialism, gender, power, and white supremacy. 30,000 pamphlets are distributed for free to various Occupy camps and affiliated groups around the US. Each Lexicon is a two-color pamphlet featuring one keyword or phrase, defined in about 2,000 words of text. You can listen to the Lexicon series, or download the PDFs for printing and sharing in a booklet layout.

2015: The IAS and AK Press begin a new Anarchist Imaginations series, starting with Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements, co-edited by adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha.

2017: Walidah Imarisha’s Angels with Dirty Faces: Three Stories of Crime, Prison, and Redemption, published by the IAS and AK Press, wins the Oregon Book Award for Creative Nonfiction.

2019: The IAS reprints the Perspectives’ Anarcha-Feminisms issue from 2016, the most popular issue of Perspectives up to that point.

2021: The IAS publishes Perspectives’ Power issue, collaborating with Kai Lumumba Barrow and the Gallery of the Streets project, which is the biggest, most beautiful Perspectives yet. We also award $3,000 in grants to four creative projects, expanding grants beyond the written word to include audio and visual media.

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