August 5, 2021
From Anarchist News

Insurgent Strategy on Immediatism podcast

These five episodes are readings of three essays on insurgent strategy, from Insurgencies: A Journal on Insurgent Strategy, by The Institute for the Study of Insurgent Warfare. The first, What is Insurgency (episode 584) sets up our understanding of insurgent situations and practices. The second, A Life of Lies (episodes 585 and 586) discusses the construction of the self out of phenomenological experience, that we can not access others and so we construct our knowledge of them, goes on to discuss how law and law enforcement pose constant threats to the individual, and then identifies and discusses five methods of threat management for the individual. In the final essay, Some Thoughts on the Limits of Surveillance (episodes 587 and 588) the popular mental construction of the panopticon is explained and lamented as deterring people from acting in ways that are possible; the collection, analysis, weaponization, and operationalization of data are explained as processes that should empower us to identify the constant gaps in surveillance and to act in insurgent ways in those gaps.

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What is Insurgency?
A Life of Lies 1 & 2
Limits of Surveillance 1 & 2