April 17, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

Issue No.4.   
       For those who may not know of it, “Insurrection” was a first class magazine produced by Elephant Editions. A gem of information, ideas, reports, theory, tactics and strategies. Sadly, Spirit of Revolt only has two of these magazines in its collections, No.4 and No.5, both in our Dek Keenan Collection. The good news is you can now read both of these issues on  Spirit of Revolt website Just click on HERE and then scroll down to Dek Keenan Collection -1-60, there you will also find a link to other issues which you can read courtesy of Elephant Editions Archive. sadly we don’t have these other issues in our collection. Any body having any other issues of Insurrection and would like to give them a good home please get in touch HERE.

Issue No.5
          ‘Insurrection’ is an anarchist magazine of the 1980’s which was edited by Jean Weir of Elephant Editions, UK. Amongst agitational news reports of rebellion and repression, the publication carried some of the first English language translations of the work of Italian anarchist insurrectionist, Alfredo M. Bonanno, and remains an example of a high-quality revolutionary anarchist publication which has a confrontational analysis coupled with lasting insight.
         ‘Insurrection’ is the first publication to carry the key basic perspectives of anarchist insurrectional theory and methodology emerging at that time. Texts such as ‘Affinity Group’, ‘Why Insurrection’, ‘Beyond Workerism, Beyond Syndicalism’, ‘Informal Organisation’, ‘Beyond the Structure of Synthesis’, ‘Towards A New Projectuality’ and ‘Autonomous Base Nucleus’, all back to back with action reports informing and illuminating these theoretical ideas which have developed and spread around the world, becoming ‘dangerous’ tools in the hands of uncontrollables everywhere.

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