February 24, 2021
From Anarchist News

To support your effort to study and do theory, Immediatism has podcasted selections from Insurrection Omnibus, published by Ardent Press. “Insurrection was a magazine that attempted to articulate a revolutionary perspective in English that largely existed only in Italian (1982-1989). It was the work of Jean Weir (Elephant Editions), Alfredo Bonanno, and a host of anon.” ~from the cover

Each of these selections offers practical stepwise advice, toward furthering our understanding of exactly how insurrections operate. In addition to Jean Weir and Alfredo Bonanno, the Omnibus includes selections by Enrico Malatesta, Pantagruel, Lucy Fur, Nelson Mandela, Pierleone Porcu, and Patrizia. Additional episodes will be forthcoming. Offer feedback and requests to Cory@Immediatism.com.

Why Insurrection, by anonymous
The Logic of Insurrection, by Alfredo Bonanno
Stop the City? From Information to Attack, by A.M.B.
Violence and Nonviolence, by anonymous

Likely forthcoming episodes:
Beyond the Structure of Synthesis
Autonomous Base Nucleus
The Informal Organization
The Affinity Group

Insurrection Omnibus is available from LittleBlackCart.com

Source: Anarchistnews.org