May 17th was the international day against LGTBIphobias. This date, initiated by LGBT activists, commemorating the 31 th anniversary of the decision to no longer consider homosexuality as a mental illness. If for many, the date is shocking and the decision seems anachronistic, it is a reminder that there is still to fight for unconditional equality and for dignity.

The objective of this day is to promote awareness and prevention actions to fight against homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia and intersexphobia. As libertarian communists, the UCL is part of the objectives of this date and the construction of counter-powers able to roll back patriarchy and heterosexism. On this day of combat, 5 key elements are to be retained from the situation of LGBTI people in the territory.

This May 17, we also commemorate the 5 years of the Orlando attack, a homophobic, transphobic and racist mass crime that claimed the lives of 49 people and left 59 injured in the United States.
A month ago, throughout France, lesbians and their allies marched for the right to assisted reproduction for all and the freedom of women, lesbians or not, and trans people, to dispose of their bodies and to access parenthood. These are the first mass demonstrations by lesbians and allies in France: 10,000 people marched in Paris, 2,000 people in Lyon. Since 2012, mobilizations in favor of assisted reproduction for all and against discrimination in access have not weakened. Yesterday like today, the government sat on its promises. Last February, the Senate reduced and rejected the measures in favor of PMA for All contained in the bioethics law. A third reading must be held but the announcements are long overdue.
To fight against LGBTIphobias is to fight against mass violence. Today more than half (53%) of LGBTI people denounce having been victims of homophobic aggression. This year The State is trying to calm things down by proclaiming everywhere that assaults would drop sharply in 2020. We are not fooled that the context of the health crisis is the main cause of this decline in the filing of complaints and that the situation for LGBT people have not changed. At the beginning of the year, the Guillaume T. affair, at the same time as it demonstrated the impunity of the political class (even on the left), was at the origin of the #metoogay movement. The young man shortly after denouncing a politician and his spouse for rape, committed suicide.
The scourge of LGBTIphobias in young people hit hard the end of last year: the suicide of transgender student Doona and Avril-Fouad also transgender high school student. Their deaths gave rise to major mobilizations throughout France against transphobia. We will not forget the reaction of Minister Blanquer who, following Avril’s death, declared that one had to dress ” normally “.
The rise of the far-right and of fascist themes is a rise of LGBTIphobias and assaults. ** On Saturday April 24 in Lyon, nearly 80 fascists attacked the Dyke’s march gathered for lesbian pride and the right to PMA. This attack is one of the many acts of homophobic ideology, the backbone of nationalism and fascism.
What we are defending for this May 17th
May 17 is a day of struggle but also a reminder that effectively combating homophobia, biphobia, lesbophobia and transphobia cannot be limited to a few statements of support ; it is above all a long day-to-day work of struggle for equal rights and against all acts, remarks and homophobic and transphobic behavior, and more generally against all oppressions, to develop real solidarity against the oppressors.

We want to live without domination, to live free in a society free from exploitation, where social equality is ensured by the collective management of our needs and means of production, where the emancipation of each person is everyone’s business. · Are both in his sexual orientation and in his life choices, where solidarity is the basis of society. This is called libertarian communism.

We immediately claim
stopping psychiatrization and forced sterilization of trans people
change of civil status on request
access to hormones, surgery, health, for trans people
access to assisted reproduction for all
equal access for all to donate blood
maintenance and ease of access to abortion
concrete and extensive means against the AIDS epidemic
means for non-sexist and non-heterocentric education
the regularization of LGBT + migrants under the status of political refugee
the ban on conversion therapy
immediate cessation of operations and mutilations on intersex children
the deletion of the mention of sex in the civil status and on all identity documents
more resources for emergency accommodation of minors and child protection

Libertarian Communist Union, May 17, 2021