November 24, 2020
From Anarchist Black Cross Ireland

November 23-30th: International week of solidarity with anarchists and anti-fascists in Belarus

ACK Belarus appeal:

Anarchists always opposed tyranny and dictatorship. That is why it is not surprising that anarchists are actively participating in the uprising against dictator Lukashenko in Belarus.

From the first days, we have shown our determination and uncompromising attitude that anarchism is a revolutionary movement that can change the world!During the uprising many of our comrades went to jail. At least 10 anarchists and anti-fascists are currently punishing imprisonment from the Administrative Code.

In addition, 10 anarchists and 4 anti-fascists await criminal proceedings, some are punished for 20 years in prison.We call on you to join the week of solidarity and show your support for revolutionary anarchists and anti-fascists fighting the occupation regime of Lukashenko!

Every Actions Counts!

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