The struggles of the Iranian working class for a human life, the right to self respect and to attain their most basic violated rights, have not only not diminished during the Corona pandemic, but have also taken on wider dimensions. The nationwide protests by teachers in defence of public education and the right to organize, for wages increase to go behind the poverty threshold, and release of the imprisoned teachers across the country, with the support of students and the whole society, have never stopped even for a moment.

In recent days, we have once again witnessed the wave of arrests of labour activists, teachers, civil right defenders and artists. Despite widespread repression, numerous arrests and reports of many people being killed by police and security forces, a nationwide protest is going on in Iran by the working and oppressed people, against the ravaging inflation, corruption, looting of public property, rampant injustices and the violation of the most basic human rights.

The Iranian authorities, incapable of giving any humane and responsible response to the just demands of the working class and the deprived and oppressed people, are pursuing their usual methods with higher speed, namely repression, prosecution, arresting, Trumped-up charges, framing- up and spreading lies against however dares to stand up.

Although the Intelligence Ministry has not yet officially made public the names of the recent detainees and their charges, but they are busy by spreading of the false and completely baseless rumours on virtual media against and filing cases against labour activists.

The Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (Vahed), as part of the independent labour movement in Iran, considers it has full right and duty to be in solidarity with all sections of the working class in Iran and around the world. International solidarity fraternal relations with workers all over the world are our aim. He defends it and considers it as an obvious right.

Our Syndicate condemns any charge and also spreading lies against its members, including Reza Shahabi, arrested on May 12, and other labour and cultural detainees. We demand immediate and unconditional release of all imprisoned labour, teacher and social activists arrested in recent days, including Anisha Asadollahi, Reyhaneh Ansarinejad, Keyvan Mohtadi, as well as detained teachers Rasoul Badaghi, Jafar Ebrahimi, Eskandar Lotfi, Mohammad Habibi, Mohsen Omrani, Shaban Mohammadi, Masoud Nikkhah, Mahmoud Malaki, Reza Amanifar , Asghar .

Freedom of association, expression, assembly, protest, strike, and class and international solidarity are among the most universally recognized rights of trade unions. These fundamental freedoms, enshrined in ILO conventions and other international conventions is binding on the Islamic Republic. Their continuous violations by the Iranian regime only increase hatred of the oppressors amongst the oppressed.

Syndicate Vahed, a member of the International Federation of Transport Workers, is part of the global public sector workers movement. Concerning the repression of the labour activists and teachers in Iran, It calls on all workers all over the world and international labour organizations to put the most severe pressure on the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, during ILO coming annual meeting being held between May 27 and June 11, 2022,

Security charges against labour activists, teachers, students and freedom defenders in Iran have a long history and the recent one has no effect on our determination and the on independent labour movement will as well. Therefore, we remind the Iranian authorities not to test the patience of the working class and the deprived people of Iran. Release all detained workers activists and teachers immediately and unconditionally !

Syndicate Vahed is hereby announcing its national and international campaign for the release of Reza Shahabi and other detainees in recent days. Il will not stop it until total annulment of all false accusations and Trumped-up charges against them and their unconditional release. We call on all trade unions, labour rights defenders, and social activists to consciously expose, with full tact and coordination, the security services conspiracies and finish with these shameful and dirty tricks.

News about our Syndicate and information this campaign will be announced publicly via the Telegram channel, Instagram and the official email of the union.

Join us in spreading them.

Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (vahed)

Monday, May 16, 2022