November 9, 2019
From Haleyvilleara

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Recently, there was a massive leak of posts from neo-fascist website Iron March. The leak contains approximately 200,000 posts and 22,000 private messages made by 1,200 users from 2011 to 2017. It also includes email and IP addresses that can be traced to users who posted on the site. As with other leaked chats, such as those made public by Unicorn Riot, the Iron March posts are a cesspool of neo-fascist, neo-Nazi hate containing vehement anti-Semitism, racism, anti-LGBT+ sentiment, and murderous intent. Jewish antifascists from Jewish Worker has put up a very handy website containing the leaked posts, from which we’ve gathered intelligence and are publishing our findings. Additionally, Panic! in the Discord has put up a blog specifically about identifying users who posted on Iron March. If you have any info, be sure to email them: And, lastly, Long Beach Antifa has put up a database dump by timezone.

Atomwaffen Chapter Leader of Alabama, Charles Matthew Halliday, AKA “Golgoth”

Neo-fascist website Iron March was a space where violent and murderous neo-Nazis met to discuss fascism and Nazism. It was also the space where neo-Nazi terror group Atomwaffen Division originally organized, and many users there were members of the group, which has at least 5 murders under its belt. Iron March user “Golgoth” or Charles Matthew Halliday of Mobile, Alabama posted a number of chats there and in one, he discloses that he’s the chapter leader of Atomwaffen in Alabama.

Charles has a lot to say about his fascist ideology, complete with racial slurs and hatred of gays, black people, and Jewish people. He states several times that he’s from Mobile, Alabama and that he was attending university, namely, University of South Alabama in pursuit of a Masters in Information Systems.

Charles is very anti-Semitic and he thinks that people of a different color than him are “animals in the guise of humans.” He refers to the Holocaust as “muh six million.” Also, he states his disdain for the Swedes and that they “will be judged when their cucked souls will burn in the fires of perdition.” He also states that in a game he was playing he was elected emporer and kicked off his reign by “banishing the Jews from the realm.” He states that all dangerous things come from Africa. Possibly in reference to the Slavs, he says that it’s up to the death squads to finish them. He even references the Blood and Soil policies of Nazi Germany by saying that “a farmer is always welcome due to blood and soil and all that.”

He states here that he’s a member of the University of South Alabama and he seems to have had contact with “Zeiger,” a prominent neo-Nazi on the site The Daily Stormer, Gabriel Sohier Chaput.

Charles states that it’s thanks to the site Iron March that he was able to connect with other neo-Nazis outside of the hate site Stormfront, and he posts about eugenics.

ISIS is a fascist-adjacent group and a number of neo-Nazis, including Charles, have respect and admiration for them.

Charles respects other violent neo-Nazi groups such as the Golden Dawn in Greece, and he has praised Hindu nationalism. He also seems to be proud of the fact that his ancestors owned slaves and he states his hatred of mixing races. In one post where he laments his history professor’s teaching on the slave trade, he states that African society was and still is tribal. In some of his early posts on Iron March, he states that he’s a believer in fascism and that he wants to get a better understanding of it, which he believes the site can provide. Charles also seems to be a fan of the late neo-Nazi Charles Manson.

Charles also likes to watch various documentaries on Nazi Germany and he shows his admiration for the Nazi regime, as well as posting again that he’s from Alabama.

Confirming the Identity of “Golgoth,” Charles Matthew Halliday

We get his name from the start, as he listed his email address as In searching Facebook, we come across an account with that name. In the posts, Charles states he was pursuing a Bachelors at the Univerisity of South Alabama and was going to pursue a Masters in information systems. The Facebook account both confirms the name and the evidence of attending college there.

Charles Matthew Halliday was 19 at the time he discovered Iron March. Now, he’s around 25. Further evidence he attended USA can be found here with a list of people who attained a Bachelor of science. Use CTRL F and search “Halliday.” He’s stated pursuing a Masters next. Concerned residents of having a violent neo-Nazi in their town and school are urged to contact the University of South Alabama and tell them they have a neo-Nazi in attendance who’s part of a group with 5 murders under its belt. Main Campus: (251) 460-6101; email: