October 29, 2020
From Idavox

Sayed “Robbie” Javid

A few weeks ago we reported on neo-Fascist Sayed “Robbie” Javid’s harassment of a toddler. Well perhaps all the attention we are giving him is a bit much because his latest screeds is hating on dear ol’ antifa and making threats for this weekend in the Alexandria, VA area as kids are trick or treating!

Based on previous behavior, current and past affiliations, his increasingly violent rhetoric, and the increased potential for right-wing extremist violence around the general election, it is possible that Sayed “Robbie” Javid might be involved in what could be seen as an act of domestic terrorism over the Halloween weekend from Friday 30 October, through Sunday 1 November, in the general vicinity of Old Town in Alexandria, Virgina.

Javid is the operator of the account “Reform The States” on the pseudonymous internet messaging service Telegram, and is no stranger to these pages, having appeared here multiple times before. Javid is a former member of the neo-Fascist gang “Patriot Front” and currently professes his allegiance to the neo-nazi gang “Nationalist Social Club Dixie.” (NSC) Javid has previously posted a video reportedly of himself menacing a toddler with racist invective, ISIS / ISIL / Daesh propaganda videos of executions, and a constant stream of violent neo-nazi propaganda. Javid has posted photographs boasting about placing neo-nazi stickers in prominent public places, like the Alexandria, Virginia, waterfront.
Javid should also be known to Fairfax County police due to his March 4, 2016 altercation with police where he filed a false burglary report and menaced officers with a starter pistol.

Instead of developing the common sense that this course in life is not healthy or productive, Javid has started posting more frequently, partly in a weak attempt to project an attitude of courage, and also to gain the attention of the larger cadre of NSC members so they might accept him as a member.

At 15:13 EDT on 27 October 2020, Javid posted the following message:

“To antifa that is glued to this page: we’ll see you this weekend in old town. Don’t be pussies like every single time you ran your mouth”

Javid then immediately posted the following image:

At the time of this posting, it is not known what may happen or if anything will.

Source: Idavox.com