May 17, 2021
From The Free

See The full Report HERE English لعربية עברית
Human Rights Watch, in its new report, A Threshold Crossed, presented some powerful graphics to illustrate its claim that Israel is an apartheid state



An aerial shot of Gaza

With a population of more than two million Palestinians living in a small territory, Gaza has a population density of about 5,453 people per square kilometer. © 2016 Ain Media

”Modern Nation States are a historical development of local gangs, extortionists, mafias, kings, dictators… that force a monopoly of the right to use violence on their subjects. All States are therefore basically repressive mafias, especially large well armed ones controlled by entrenched elites. Even worse are those run by just one race, but worst of all perhaps are those, like Israel, controlled by the top dogs of just one race and religion and claiming to be the unique chosen people of Almighty God”.
See The Report HERE English لعربية עברית