The Cobas Confederation expresses its full solidarity against the fascist attack that took place in Rome on Saturday October 9 at the CGIL national headquarters during a demonstration against the Green Pass. A very serious fact, accompanied by the unprecedented fact that the demonstration could have reached the CGIL headquarters without being disturbed under the gaze and with the complicity of the police. What happened in Rome cannot be reduced to some fascist gangsters who “violated” the demonstration against the Paso Verde. The right to freedom of vaccination and how much everyone can legitimately think about the imposition of the green pass in the workplace cannot silence the fact that fascist and sovereign organizations are exercising objective hegemony over the movement against the green pass that has taken to the streets. In recent months, nor that the crowd in these squares did not experience the fascist groups that were always present at the demonstrations and that yesterday became the protagonists of the attack on the CGIL headquarters as foreign bodies. A cultural hegemony that in recent months has diverted attention from legitimate individual freedom to submit to the vaccine towards conspiracy theories and sovereignty, whose international followers are former US president Trump and the ultra-conservative president of Brazil Bolsonaro. The assault on a union headquarters today represents a qualitative leap. The choice to attack the CGIL headquarters, far from the square where the demonstration against the green pass took place and apparently meaningless based on that protest, it highlights the attempt of the fascist and sovereign organizations to exploit the strong social problems present today. in all workplaces to extend this hegemony also to the labor movement. Today, as yesterday, the fascists must be rejected, without buts, from all squares and from our side we will not tolerate fascist and / or NO VAX infiltrations in the demonstrations that will take place on October 11 throughout Italy with the occasion. of the general strike against the policies of the Draghi government proclaimed by all the grassroots union organizations. We also ask that final provision XII of the Constitution be finally applied, which prohibits “the reorganization, in any form, of the dissolved fascist party” Rome,


Source: Awsm.nz