The Chamber of Deputies approved the refinancing of military missions abroad with only two against and two abstentions. Among the missions financed is cooperation with the so-called Libyan coastguard, to hunt down those who put to sea to the southern coasts of Europe: the majority lost about thirty votes, but the mission was approved, regardless of the condemnation of the United Nations. —- In reality, Libya is just the icing on the cake a cake made by 17 military missions in Africa, including Operation Takuba, in the Sahel, in support of France, engaged in those countries for years with the Barkhane mission, a mission that has already caused many civilian victims. Military operations in Africa are the manifestation of Italian imperialism in that continent: the Draghi government speaks explicitly of an enlarged Mediterranean, referring to a geographical space of roughly triangular shape that has its vertices in Libya to the north, the Gulf of Guinea to the west and the Horn of Africa to the east. This triangle defines the area in which Italian military operations are developed, the objectives of which are to support research and the supply of raw materials by multinationals such as ENI, to showcase Italian military products to find new buyers, to carry out a capillary control of borders to manage migratory flows.
The 40 military missions abroad, many of which are those approved by the Chamber, are deeply hinged on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: the press release of the Ministry of Defense, after the Government had given the green light to the missions, reaffirms the role of the Armed Forces as an essential contribution and stimulus to the growth of the “country system”. On the other hand, the Armed Forces will be among the main beneficiaries of PNRR funds, both through digital innovation and through the ecological transition.
It is time to create a united and mass mobilization against Italian militarism and imperialism, for the immediate withdrawal of all Italian military missions in Africa, for a policy of peace and collaboration with peoples, not with governments and multinationals.
Immediate withdrawal of all war missions!
No more Italian imperialism!
Internationalist solidarity with peoples fighting for their own emancipation!


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