January 21, 2021
From Act For Freedom

via: sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!
An arson attack occurred during the night against a Vodafone mobile phone relay antenna in Casale Cremasco (in Lombardy, right in the middle of the triangle Milan, Bergamo and Cremona).
The fire was started at the base of the pylon, destroying the cables leading to various junction boxes. The firefighters were called at 4.30am and were able to put it out swiftly, but the damage to the antenna is significant. The alert was given to the firefighters by a security guard passing by on the road. On its electrical cabinets were found the tags “No to digital society. Stop 5G”.
This morning the ROS carabinieri (Raggruppamento operativo speciale, specialized in the fight against organized crime and anti-terrorism) were also on site. Despite the damage technicians were able to put the relay back into operation during the day.
[Taken from the local Italian press, La Provincia di Crema/Cremasco news, 16 January 2021]

Source: Actforfree.nostate.net