April 2, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Italy.On March 26, 2021, the SI Cobas coordinators for Piacenza, Carlo and Arafat, were released from their 14 days long house arrests.

Originally published by Labournet TV.

They were part of a massive operation against the italian base union, with house searches, deplacements, police brutality against strike pickets, one 9-months prision sentence for a coordinator in Bologna. 
One of the freshly released, Carlo Pallavicini, holds an improvised speach and points out a connection between the successful struggles of the workers organized in SI Cobas and the current wave of repression:

“At month’s end, at the turnstile, the mafia handed out 800 Euros in cash! Now, with us, there are regular contracts!”

Currently, the unions fight for the renewal of the National Collective Agreement for the logistics industry that ran out in 2019.
In addition, TNT-Fedex seems to want to close down the warehouse in Piacenza to get rid of the militant workforce.

Source: Enoughisenough14.org