Dear comrades, as you know almost all of the grassroots trade unionism has decided to converge on calling for a national general strike.

We believe it is an important occasion and, even if in the holiday period, we have continued to work to build a united struggle path that will lead us to strike and continue at least until 30 October when the G20 summit will meet in Rome.
During the various meetings that have taken place so far, many difficulties have also emerged that derive from the different practices and perspectives that characterize the different trade unions. Basic.
We of the CUB have emphasized the fact that the action of struggle must be mainly oriented on the problems of work and we have therefore insisted on the need to work seriously for the success of the general strike, avoiding any watering down, masking or confusion with other movement initiatives in which, however, we consider it appropriate to participate.

The strike date was originally scheduled for October 18 . The subsequent definition of administrative elections in many cities, with the consequent ban on strike, forced us to bring the strike forward to 11 October.

At the moment there is therefore a common calendar of mobilization and struggle initiatives that will take place between now and the end of October and which, we hope, can continue even further. Below we present the main national events:

• On 19 September a national assembly will be held in Bologna which will start the preparation of the general strike;

• COP 26, an international climate conference, will be held on 2 October in Milan. Given the inaction of governments and the “turning point” of the economy towards new forms of exploitation of nature repainted with green, the counter-summit is being prepared with the participation of many realities in the north of Italy. This is an important initiative for the CUB, both for the definition of the type of company that we will have to give ourselves for the future, and for the fact that Milan is our main territorial settlement.

We therefore believe that it is important to guarantee the best possible presence in terms of numbers and contents. To this end it is necessary that at least the CUB realities of northern Italy organize themselves to converge on the Milanese event and coordinate with the Milan federation to make our participation very significant.

• The strike of 11 October will be for us the most important point of this cycle of mobilizations, the ongoing discussions still concern the forms of demonstration but it is certain that they will be decentralized by locality and / or by work sector. SiCobas and USB in particular insisted on focusing on logistics and transport . Since the speech is still in progress, we will promptly inform the NC of the unitary decisions they will take on the merits.

• Finally, all grassroots trade unionism welcomed 30 October as the unitary date of mobilization against the G20 summit to be held in Rome. Here, too, we cannot leave the burden of representing the CUB to our Roman federation. Therefore it will be important and necessary the maximum possible participation from all those realities, mainly from the Center-South that will have to mobilize to give substance and visibility to our presence, coordinating with the comrades from Rome.

24.8.2021 National Secretariat of the CUB

Basic Unitary Confederation

Milan National Headquarters: viale Lombardia 20 – tel. 02/70631804

e mail info@cub.it
www.cub.it – www.cubvideo.it


Source: Awsm.nz