Saturday 17

A Barrier against masters and soldiers at 3
pm in Porta palazzo, at the
clock canopy we free the public spaces of the neighborhood: day of information and struggle interventions, music, exhibitions and… much more

The one hundred thousand deaths in a year of pandemic are the result of the criminal choices of all governments in recent decades. The truth is before us: collapsing health, increased military spending, support for big business, cement and round-the-border lobbies, support for the arms industry.
In the last 10 years, 43,000 health jobs have been cut. In Italy there are 3.2 beds per thousand inhabitants, against 4.7 of the European average. In Italy, beds fell by 30% between 2000 and 2017.
Beds are scarce, there are no facilities and staff to properly care for everyone. Hundreds of people die every day, but 26.3 billion have been burned in military spending.
The governments of today and yesterday have turned health into business. Only the rich have access to prevention and treatment. For the poor, living or dying is a lot of time.
For the government, our lives are not worth outside the cage of produce, consume, crack. Production must not stop, the curfew still exists to a dystopian present that takes silence and obedient.
The war on the poor passes from the military management of the pandemic that is articulated in the “normalization” of the army’s presence on the streets to repress any social onset, to silence anyone who does not agree to suffer all the heavy burden of the social crisis, while there are those who have never stopped enriching themselves on our shoulders and strengthening their position of power.
The appointment as extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency of the general of the corps and former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan and Kosovo, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, represents the last act of the process of militarization of Italian society that the pandemic emergency has helped to accelerate.
With the support of all parties in parliament, the government has handed over to a senior official the governance of pandemic response strategies.
The military, promoted to policemen during the pandemic, are on our streets to support other law enforcement agencies in the repression of all social onset.
They are on the streets ofneighborhoods where arriving at the end of the month is increasingly difficult, where the ranks of poor, homeless, without income, precarious are lengthened.
The pandemic crisis that has affected most European countries has produced an unprecedented social crisis, which is triggering moments of social revolt.
If there is no money for rent and bills, health protection becomes a luxury that few can afford. To put lunch together with dinner, many had to adapt to a myriad of underpaid precarious jobs, with no real protection from the risk of contagion.
They call it a pandemic, but it is a sindemia, because the virus mainly affects and kills the poorest, those who are most affected by chronic diseases, which depend on lifestyle, exposure to pollution, junk food, lack of access to prevention and treatment.
The evening curfew, useless to contain the virus, is mere gymnastics of obedience, one of the many disciplinary devices tested for possible social onset. Production must never stop, whatever it costs, while our lives are increasingly compressed.
The government fears the riots and isusing expiring alms to entrepreneurs affected by the closures. But for the many who worked in the black or on contracts of a few weeks there is neither cassa integrazione nor “ristori”.
The government has taken full powers and is using out-of-the-ordinary instruments. The state of emergency has become permanent, to have a free hand in the repression of struggles.
The many repressive measures put in place over the last decade to check the undesirables, the excess bodies and the subversives are not enough for a government that has decided to put the entire population under military control.
Soon evictions and redundancy fund will end, soon there will be no more life jackets, soon the last will be called upon to pay an even higher price for the pandemic crisis.
The restrictions imposed by Draghi and his predecessors will not be enough to stop the virus. A virus that will continue to run as long as the logic of profit and war is more important than our own lives.
We must reverse course, self-organised in the fight for a free and self-managed society that is able to escape the dynamics of control and exploitation, that really knows how to prevent and cope with the emergencies that are currently facing us.

Stopping them depends on each of us. Health and social justice go hand in hand.
Let’s build a Barrier against masters and military! Let us get rid of state and capital!

17 aprile. Una barriera contro padroni e militari | Anarres (