April 21, 2021
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What’s the real cost of meat? New Italian report sheds light on the 36.6 billion euro bill, in terms of damage to the environment and to the health of consumers

19 April 2021


Press Release

New report on the hidden costs of meat consumption in Italy reveals the environmental and health impacts which fell on society. If we were to include the hidden costs, one kilogram of beef would cost on average 19 euro more.

The environmental and health costs of meat production and consumption are not included in the price paid when buying it. Citizens pay the price of these hidden costs which have now for the first time been scientifically quantified.

LAV, commissioned thefirst independent scientificstudyon the environmental and health costs of meat consumption in Italy, focusing on the most consumed meat in the country: poultry, beef, and pig.The emissions generated at all stages, rearing…

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