November 5, 2019
From IWW Australia

Queenslanders get a bad reputation. People blame
Queensland for One Nation and the re-election of the Morrison government,
dismiss everyone in Queensland as racist and backward rednecks, and call for Queensland
to be excised for the rest of Australia.

Meanwhile, ignoring this flood of anti-Queensland hate, IWW members in Brisbane have been making huge strides forward and in the space of just twelve months have turned Queensland into the site of the largest IWW branch in Australia. In 2018, the Brisbane IWW branch barely had ten members – now it has over 60.

IWW members in Brisbane have been important in rallying union support to defend sacred Yuggera Ugarapul land in Deebing Creek from destruction at the hands of developers, have supported workers in disputes at McDonald’s, Langports English College and Brisbane Ferries, and have taken part in climate change protests, with two Brisbane IWW members, Nick and Jaxom, being imprisoned for taking part in Extinction Rebellion protests (both were released without convictions and were helped by massive public donations to pay their fines). Brisbane’s IWW branch also played a huge role in supporting workers at Chemist Warehouse, with members attending every single day of picketing during an epic 16-day strike at the company’s Brisbane distribution centre.  

If you live in Brisbane and want to get organised in a union that fights not just for better wages and conditions, but for a new word without hatred, division and sneering anti-Queensland chauvinism, then get in touch and join the IWW!