November 5, 2020
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SF Bay View
October 31st, 2020

Jalil Muntaqim

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We the undersigned fully support the New York State Parole Board’s
decision to release Jalil Muntaqim. The parole process is meant to
evaluate a person for release based on who they are today, not to extend
one’s sentence into perpetuity. 

Mr. Muntaqim has been incarcerated since 1971, when he was 19 years
old. During his 49 years in prison, Mr. Muntaqim has led education and
mentorship programs for prisoners, earned several educational degrees
and mentored many younger incarcerated men. He has been commended for
preventing prisoner violence and promoting safety. 

As a result, hundreds of organizations and individuals have stepped
forward to support his release including community and faith leaders,
family members, and the NY State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian
Legislative Caucus. The Parole Board finally acted honorably in
following the guidelines put forth by New York State Executive Law
259-(i). A 2011, bi-partisan amendment to the law passed by Republican
and Democratic lawmakers makes it clear that an individual’s readiness
for successful re-entry should take priority in the decision to grant

Upon his release, Mr. Muntaqim was warmly welcomed by a large,
diverse set of community leaders and residents of Rochester, New York.
Now, the Rochester District Attorney is attempting to reincarcerate an
elder recovering from COVID-19. 

We are statewide and national organizations, community and faith
leaders, elected officials, civil rights organizations, public
defenders, and residents of the Rochester area. We pledge our continuing
support for Mr. Muntaqim and our assistance in facilitating his
reintegration into society. We vehemently oppose any efforts to remove
him from our community and/or place him back in prison.