October 27, 2020
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The outstanding essay, “Clarifying the Unique and Its Self-Creation: An Introduction to Stirner’s Critics and The Philosophical Reactionaries,” is now available in podcast form. Jason McQuinn is an egoist and post-left anarchist critical theorist, known for his writings on critical self-theory, which have been spotlighted previously in Immediatism episodes 17 and 95. For even more Jason McQuinn essays, see The Anarchist Library.

“Critical self-theory is completely con-religious, non-ideological, non-self-alienating theory, and as such is the only consistent form of libertarian (anarchist) theory if we consider such theory to entail the refusal of all forms of enslavement. It is the only form of theorthat does not demand our subjugation to any real or imagined outside forces. It is a theory for negotiating the construction [of] our mutual social reality with others without the assumption and enforcement of any fixed, present rules, roles, and relationships.”
~ Jason McQuinn BASTARD Chronicles 2015

Intro to Stirner’s Critics part 1
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Critical Self-Theory: Toward an Anarchist Critical Theory of the Self and Society
Not Utopia: Critical Self-Theory in Practice, presented at BASTARD Conference 2015

Jason McQuinn at The Anarchist Library

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