October 10, 2021
From Haleyvilleara

Today, we’re exposing Jason Ryan Terry of the Haleyville and Jasper, Alabama areas, who is a member of the neo-Nazi prison gang Southern Brotherhood.

According to ADL, the Southern Brotherhood is the largest white supremacist prison gang operating in Alabama. Members of the gang often use a variety of symbols and tattoos, including SS runes and lightning bolts, alphanumerical codes such as 14/23, and iron crosses. But a central symbol to the group seems to be the “patch” or shield tattoo consisting of a shield emblem combined with axes or swords.

The 14/23 symbol is reminiscent of David Lane’s influential 14 words, which is often seen accompanied with the number 88 (14/88–in which the 88 stands for “Heil Hitler”): “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The 23 refers to the gang’s “23 precepts”–a list of rules that members must follow; for example, “do not make a debt you cannot repay” and, humorously, “no huffing lacquer.”

It’s Stupid Being an Open Nazi Online

Jason Ryan Terry was found due to his Facebook profile picture containing the SS runes, which were the runic insignia of the Schutzstaffel in Nazi Germany. If you haven’t noticed lately, it’s particularly dangerous nowadays being a visible white supremacist, particularly online.

Browsing his open Facebook account we see that he has various neo-Nazi tattoos including ones depicting Southern Brotherhood iconography. He has also taken pictures with other Nazis giving Hitler salutes. And interestingly, he’s against “the law,” as his short profile description reads: “Lawless: a person who acts with no regard to the law or who thinks that the law does not apply them.”

Jason also appears with other white supremacist and Nazi-appropriated symbols such as the confederate flag and the valknut.

Jason was also nice enough to supply us with the vehicles he uses.

In 2018, he seems to have been arrested during a drug bust. Click on the gallery in the linked article to view his mugshot.

Jason seems to own two businesses: Jason Terry’s Backyard Mechanic Auto and Small Engines Repair, and Terry Electronics, Phone Services, and Repair Company.

On his Facebook, Jason lists Haleyville as his current place of residence. However, his last known and documented place of residence is in Jasper at 338 Windham Loop Jasper, AL 3550. His last known phone number is (205) 384-5300. However, the current accuracy of this phone number isn’t certain.

We present this information for documentation purposes and public safety.

Antifascism is Self-Defense

The police and prisons don’t keep us safe. The police is a white supremacist arm of the State that serves to protect private property and to enforce racist laws, and a plethora of police have been exposed as being members of white supremacist hate groups. Prisons are fertile ground for white supremacist recruitment and further radicalization into neo-fascist movements, as you can see here with neo-Nazi prison gang Southern Brotherhood.

Antifascism is self-defense. We keep each other safe. Neo-Nazis and other bigots and oppressors aren’t welcome in Haleyville, or anywhere else.

Source: Haleyvilleara.blackblogs.org