November 25, 2020
From Haleyvilleara

The images in this article have been deleted to make more room for media data. See this archive to view all images.

Expert Ink Tattoos and Piercings is a family-owned-and-operated tattoo shop in Jasper, Alabama. It’s currently owned by Tammy and Leonard Moore. Their daughter, Nicole Waid, handles piercings along with her husband, Brian Waid. Brian, along with Clint Chappell, also handles tattoo work. As we’ll be showing here, Brian and Clint have some questionable and outright neo-fascist and neo-Nazi views: Brian has shown on social media that he’s involved in the Asatru community and has liked a page devoted to Wotanism, an explicitly racist form of Odinism (as promulgated by racist David Lane, “Wotan” can stand for “Will Of The Aryan Nation.”); Clint has shown on social media that he’s involved in the alt-right, is a neo-fascist/neo-Nazi, supported Jasper police officers who were suspended due to flashing the fascist-appropriated “OK” hand sign, has a small arsenal of guns, and partakes in racist and fascist internet meming. Let’s take a look at their social media.

Clint Chappell

Clint Chappell and Brian Wade both have publically supported racist Jasper, Alabama police officers who got suspended for displaying the white supremacist “OK” hand sign. The gesture was appropriated by fascists on the website 4chan (which has been linked to white supremacist radicalization and murder) to become a crypto-fascist symbol of hate. Clint and Brian can be seen making the racist symbol along with wearing shirts with the hashtag #FreeJPD. Clint also reveals that several of the officers are his personal friends. Clint particularly participates in racist and fascist meming and shitposting. He likes a plethora of these fascist meme and shitpost Facebook pages. He can be seen sporting a mask with a caption that reads “Weaponized Autism,” a bigoted way of categorizing violent and racist actions, particularly online. Predominantly, he posts mostly images of guns and scenes from movies depicting shootouts, something which he seems to be obsessed with. 

Viewing his “Likes” on Facebook reveals his violent and fascist beliefs. Just as before with his posts, the majority of his likes revolve around firearms and far-right shitposting pages. Memes such as the “Honk Honk” pepe can be seen. “Honk Honk” and “Honk Honkler” are neo-Nazi dogwhistles for the phrase “Heil Hitler.” Clint also likes the Southern fascist hate group, Identity Dixie.

Making more explicit Clint’s unironic fascism, he can be seen liking “Volk” Facebook pages. “Volk” being the German word for “people” and having a cultural and historical tie to Nazi Germany. He likes racist and crypto-fascist content from the white supremacist comic Stone Toss. He also likes the fascist streaming account Goy Talk, which hosts racist and anti-Semitic content and supports the creation of an ethnostate. He can be seen liking pages that support fascist conspiracy theories about so-called “white genocide” in South Africa. And quell all doubt that Clint’s a fascist, he can be seen liking a page with a picture of Mussolini called “Lazer-Beamed Memes With Fashy Themes.” He also likes a page called “Alt Right;” “alt-right” being a rebranded name of fascism with prominent proponents like ethnonationalist Richard Spencer. 

Clint has also created shitposting sock Facebook accounts, one called Roscoe Jenkins, where his profile picture has the words “crisis actor” and “gun owner” over a Star of David, and another iteration of the fascist-appropriated pepe meme. This is incendiary on two levels: 1., “crisis actor” furthers conspiracy theorist narratives that certain mass shootings are hoaxes, while 2., fascists like Clint wholeheartedly believe in the mass murder of non-whites and Jews, and his usage of the Star of David with the words “gun owner” is beyond hateful; it’s anti-Semitic and laughs in the face of targetting Jews.

Brian Wade

As we’ve said earlier, both Brian Wade and Clint Chappell have rallied in support of the racist cops who flashed the “OK” hand sign. Just as Clint, Brian is a fascist. On his “Likes” page, he has liked an explicitly fascist “Wotan” heathen page. “Wotan” is the explicit racistly spelled word for Odin. Heathenism and Paganism in themselves aren’t racist or fascist per se, and many in these communities are anti-racists and anti-fascists who call out fascists in their community. However, Wotanism is an explicitly racist and fascist version of Odinism, and it can stand for “Will Of The Aryan Nation.” He’s also liked the alt-right figure Adam Calhoun.

Nazis at Expert Ink

Having neo-Nazis working as tattooers and piercers is a danger to the community. We can’t allow racists and fascists to infiltrate or creep into our spaces. Intolerance and hate aren’t welcome here. Given the recent mass shootings targetting non-whites and Jews, and the in-joke, “shitposting” nature of the manifestos left by these recent mass shooters on sites like 4chan and 8chan, the content shared here is clearly not a joke and is a direct incitement to violence. People like this shouldn’t be allowed to be in the tattooing and piercing community, let alone be employed in a tattoo and piercing parlor. 

Expert Ink Tattoos and Piercings is located at 155 Highway 78 W Jasper, Alabama. Their phone number is (205) 221-5769. We ask that people of conscious call and inquire about their Nazi employees and demand that they be fired.