October 26, 2020
From Firestorm On Fascists (USA)

Republished with permission of the author.

Today I’m proud to introduce you to John Jared Santoro aka J-SpLit aka Dino Spumoni of Goytalk. John is a resident of Springfield, MA by way of NY, RI, and Chesapeake, VA.

John turned 34 last Tuesday, so this will be my belated birthday present.

John Jared Santoro is best know for his cringe bigoted videos.

John Santoro of Springfield, MA is a real piece of human garbage.

Before he was Dino Spumoni of Goytalk, John was a rapper that went by J-SpLit.

J-SpLit hated fake artists that used “GIMMICKS” to make money, which might be the funniest intro to Dino ever. Beyond parody.

9 years ago, John Jared Santoro was a college student in NYC who went to class, smoked a lot of weed, and rapped.

Ohh-Fish-Al ** J-Split ** Fan Page on Facebook Watch
John Santoro in this video looks and sounds a lot like his Dino Spumoni persona that he assumes later. All that’s lacking are racist lyrics and white supremacist fans.

J-Split ft Chrissi “American Demon” ((Rekademix Beat
John suffered a couple of suspensions and returned to Twitter back in July. It was a mistake.

8. His current Twitter @Dino__GT used to be the one associated with ZeenTeam.

ZeenTeam was a partnership between John Jared Santoro as J-SpLit and his friend “Kid Genius”.

It wasn’t hard to find all of the accounts associated with ZeenTeam and figure out which one of the two rappers was doing Goytalk.

It looks like he was having a lot more fun back when he was just rapping and smoking a lot of weed.

He was definitely interested in creating a brand and marketing his stuff, but somewhere between 2014 and 2017 he went into the racism deep end. There’s a clear gap that I can’t account for.

He even had John Mayer on a song, for what that’s worth.

aMeRiCaN dEmOn

15. Thanks for the full bio Dino.

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Source: Firestormonfash.noblogs.org