April 1, 2021
From Anarchist News

Agent Reid Ross holding a press conference about John Zerzan's sex robots

By Agent Reid Ross
(image: Agent Reid Ross holding a press conference about John Zerzan’s sex robots)

BREAKING! Alexander Reid Ross might have just made the biggest scoop of his career. Early this morning, Agent Reid Ross and fellow travelers received word that a one, Mr. John Zerzan had a large cache of sex robots stashed in his second cabin.

When questioned about the large quantity of sex robots, Zerzan stated that he is training them to “go chop some wood boy!” and then winked at the live streamers. Zerzan went on to say that he was using them to figure out the origins of language and return to monke before firmly stating to Agent Reid Ross, to direct further questions to his lawyer, a one Mr. Bob Black. An accountability process has been setup and anarchist justice will surely be dealt out accordingly.

These are ongoing developments and we will keep you updated here.

Source: Anarchistnews.org