May 12, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

June 123 is approaching!

Call text in english and posters here.

And as you know, many people are working to organize a great mobilization for these three days 🙂

So we wanted to send you some PRACTICAL INFO so that you can prepare yourselves at best!


You want to come to Bure after or during the trial, to finish the day with a meal, a screening, discussions or a concert?

You need accommodation in the area?

This form is for you 😉

Click HERE (in french) to fill it in and indicate your needs (or write to us at


Our lawyers are committed, and none of them are asking for a « star fee », either to defend the activists in court or to file an plea against this foolish project. Despite this, we still need to pay them to hold together in the long run. This call for donations is therefore essential for all of us!

To participate, click HERE (in french)!

3) 123 PRE-PROGRAM !


  • The trial is announced for three days, but it could be extended
  • This pre-program does not prevent you from proposing other things: ON THE CONTRARY -> we invite you to be a creative force! Or to participate in the organization of what is already planned 🙂

This being said, here is what we have already thought of:


  • Announcement of the mockery-trial in Bar-le-Duc, with a sound system and a vehicle, like a circus!
  • Summary of the trial twice a day on the square!

DAY 1 : Let’s all be there!

  • Early in the morning: installation! (Tents, workshops, stands, etc!)
  • 9am: Beginning of the trial
  • 10am: Play-conference: « The trial of CIGEO! »
  • 12pm: Food / Summary of the trial / Press conference and statement of the defendants
  • 2pm: Departure of a colorful festive procession in front of the court!
  • End of the demonstration: speeches from various « criminal associations »
  • End of the day : Summary of the trial / Dances and Songs! 🙂

DAY 2 : Nuclear power and its world

  • Morning: time focused on agriculture -> plant fair / flowers / greenery; discussions on agriculture, and on the DUP (Déclaration d’Utilité Publique, which is the official authorization required by the State to start evicting people and start the project)!
  • Noon: Food / Summary of the trial
  • Afternoon : Surprises prepared by the Bombes Atomiques (anti-nuclear collective organizing in chosen mixity without cis males)!
  • End of the afternoon : Summary of the trial

DAY 3 : David Mazoyer’s farewell party, soon to be former director of ANDRA (the public organization in charge of the project)!

  • Morning : Country fair -> propose games !
  • Noon : Food / Summary of the trial
  • Morning and afternoon : workshops to create poems, songs, drawings, puppets, for David’s farewell party!
  • End of the afternoon: Big farewell party for David Mazoyer, with songs and a nice cream pie!
  • Before leaving: Summary of the trial / Dances and Songs!

Good to know: Other ideas have also been proposed and will probably be inserted in the program, such as… revolutionary choir songs; a yum-yum-pizza moment with a nice bread oven; an occupation of a feminist library; audio listenings; a musical; swedish gymnastics every morning; a party in front of the courthouse; readings of texts, testimonies; musical jams…

Let us know if you want to help set up, lend a hand, or if there are things you would like to set up yourself!

Call text in english and posters here.

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