December 4, 2020
From Enough Is Enough 14

Athens. Greece. December 4. 2020. Greek police broke up a rally on Syntagma Square this afternoon. About fifty people had gathered there, despite an absolute ban on assembly, to commemorate the murder of Alexis on December 6, 2008.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

This rally was not publicly mobilzed for and was supported by various groups from the anarchist movement. At 05:00pm sharp, the participants met at the large staircase on Syntagma Square. Immediately, a civilian officer of a DIAS patrol stopped, as the regime has only allowed people to leave their own homes under very few conditions for four weeks now, assemblies and demos are absolutely forbidden.

Twenty seconds after the participants had started to unpack a banner, three DELTA squadrons drove into the square, one of them with the intention of ramming people. Most of them managed to escape into the metro station, while the DELTA men, on behalf of Nea Dimokratia, invested a few euros in protecting the population from infection by throwing gas and blend shock grenades (from the German company Rheinmetall) into the subway station, which was also frequented by normal travelers. After that, at least two people were arrested.

Symbolically, the regime’s actions today can be seen both in line with the Dekemvriana events of exactly 76 years ago in the same place and with Günther Wallraff’s action against the junta in May 1974, also in the same place.

The state has invested exactly 0 euros in medical care or congested public transport in the country, which is plagued by exploding Covid-19 infections, in recent months, and has instead invested further millions in new police squads and their fleets of vehicles and in the arms race with Turkey. This money is collected by the police from the population through fines for lockdown violations. After two weeks of curfew, the regime’s mouthpiece proudly reported the receipts of 4 million euros.

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