June 20, 2022
From Dark Nights

The anarchist prisoner Giannis Michailidis is being treated in Lamia hospital, being on hunger strike since 23/5 demanding the obvious. His release from prison, which the Council of Amfissa is vengefully denying him.

We take responsibility for the arson of 8 luxury vehicles in the area of Kaisariani in the morning of 18/6.

We make it clear to all those responsible for the torture of our comrade that for every day that passes and his health deteriorates , we will make sure with all our efforts to disrupt the normal functioning of the metropolis. In the person of Giannis, the judicial mafia is taking revenge for consistency and commitment to the anarchist struggle, trying to terrorize each and every person who dares to fight.

We call on every comrade, every grouping and individuality to organize their own attacks with simple means and imagination. To multiply the dynamic actions and to stand as a barrier to the plans to eliminate the striker.

John’s struggle for his liberation is a struggle of all of us.


solidarity shadows

Source: athens.indymedia

Source: Darknights.noblogs.org