July 14, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

           Yes, its that time again, the latest issue of Glasgow’s own pocket rocket of information and criticism the Glasgow Keelie is out. As usual packed with what is going on in our fair city, and behind those closed doors in the corridors of power in the Kremlin in George Square. You can grab yourself a copy at the Radical Glasgow Fair on Glasgow Green this Saturday, from 1pm. next to the People’s Palace.

           The Glasgow Radical Fair on the Green this Saturday from 1pm will give you an opportunity to voice your opinion on the numerous closures of Glasgow’s public amenities, libraries swimming pools etc. pick up interesting literature, including the Glasgow Keelie, it’s free. come and just chat to those on the stall, let’s hear your views on the Glasgow version of austerity and what it means to your community and as said before, meet our friend the Bailie.

       Also see let us know what you think of our wheel-of-fortune.

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Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com