October 21, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

 Received this from PMPress: 

I’m writing because PM Press is publishing some fantastic and incendiary new books by James Kelman and I was wondering if you’d like to receiving advance copies?
The first: Between Thought and Expression; Why Ideas Matter is a book of political and philosophical essays by and correspondence between Kelman and Noam Chomsky.
The second is a collection of Kelman’s essays on Kurdistan and Black justice called The State is Your Enemy.
I would love to send you copies if you’re interested–and of course Jim is available for discussions and interviews.
Take care!
          James Kelman a world famous author and one of Glasgow’s own, has been a great friend and supporter of Spirit of Revolt. We have part of his archive in our collection, with more to follow. I consider these books to be important works in their own right. It would be great to return James’s support for Spirit of Revolt and many other class struggles he has been involved in throughout his life, by purchasing these new books.

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Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com