January 20, 2022
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This past fall, hackers released a trove of data from Epik, a domain registrar and web hosting company notorious for hosting far right content. If you have 180 GB to spare, you can download the entire leak from DDOSecrets’ wiki on Epik. We requested and received a series of csv files containing records for Pennsylvania domain registrar customers from Panic! in the Discord research collective before they closed up shop in November.

The leak includes, among other things, customer names and addresses associated with the Proud American Patriot Network (PAPN), a far right militia with direct ties to the Three Percenters. PAPN has already been covered by Bucks County reporter Cyril Mychalejko and Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch & DFRLab. Our understanding of PAPN depends heavily on Mychalejko & Holt’s reporting.

The organization was founded in 2020 by husband and wife Theodore “TJ” and Brittany Kosin of Doylestown. The Kosins initially came onto the right wing activist scene as Three Percenters, but started to distance PAPN from the militia network since the Capitol riot (J6). This has been a trend nationwide, according to Holt. In July, the Canadian government listed The Three Percenters as a terrorist organization.

Picture of TJ & Brittany Kosin
TJ & Brittany Kosin

In late August, PAPN planned a protest of the Bucks County School Board over mask mandates. The event was sponsored by PAPN & “The Parents of Central Bucks School District,” according to flyers. A grassroots campaign against the protest was started on Facebook, and successfully got it shut down. After this failed protest, PAPN engaged in typical public relations, denying ties to the Three Percenters, even denying that they were a militia.

Mychalejko’s research clearly contradicts these statements, as does the site history on the Wayback Machine at archive.org and PAPN’s recent decision to rename their scholarship program after Kyle Rittenhouse.

Latin translates to “Liberty or Death. Never Give Up, Never Surrender.”
Jan 10, 2021, PAPN promotes raising funds for Ashli Babbit’s family. Babbit was killed after breaking into a barricaded area in the Capitol.
Rittenhouse Scholarship
PAPN’s youth scholarship program is now named after Kyle Rittenhouse

The Dox

dox image w/ McNamara in Confederate and skull maskCROH would like to introduce you to Kevin M. McNamara (52) of Allentown. McNamara is an IT contractor working for the Lehigh Valley Health Network and webmaster for various domains associated with PAPN, including <proudamericanpatriotsnetwork.org> and <forumpa-pn.org>. Despite being an Epik domain, <pa-pn.org> was not listed in the leaked data. The Wayback machine shows that <proudamericanpatriotsnetwork.org> started to redirect to <pa-pn.org> at some point between April 16 and August 17, 2021, so it is possible that the domain was purchased after the leaked data was obtained. These domain records include TJ and Brittany Kosin’s names, as well.

Screenshot of database records with McNamara's name next to domains associated with PAPN
Some Epik domains associated with Kevin McNamara & PAPN. THEOANDSON.XYZ may be a test site for THEOANDSON.COM, TJ Kosin’s business website.

McNamara’s Facebook profile is full of far right dog whistles and memes. He has posed in a confederate flag mask, as well as the skull mask popularized by the neonazi paramilitary group AtomWaffen Division.

We were able to confirm his employment at as an LVHN IT contractor on his Facebook and LinkedIn profile. Clearly, it is dangerous for a far right militia member to have access to healthcare data systems and infrastructure. LVHN must act now to keep the Lehigh Valley safe. McNamara deserves to be terminated immediately. Contact information for LVHN can be found on their website’s contact page.


McNamara’s profile banner was created by the white supremacist media outlet VDARE.

McNamara in confederate maskIdentifying Info:

  • NAME: Kevin Michael McNamara
  • DOB: 10/24/1969 (52)
  • Addr: 2858 Andrea Dr, Allentown, PA
  • PHONE: home: (610) 797-8891 | cell: (610) 597-6911
  • EMAIL: [email protected]
  • FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Kevin.M.McNamara.MBA
  • AKA: Mac
  • TATTOOS: Dallas Cowboys tattoo on right forearm, cross with angel wings on left forearm, other tattoos on shoulders, chest, and legs.
dallas cowboys tattoo
Cowboys tattoo on right arm
Cross tattoo on left forearm
Cross tattoo on left forearm.
chest and shoulder tattoos
Various chest and shoulder tattoos
leg tattoos
Leg tattoos (blurred out puncture wound)

Source: Phlanticap.noblogs.org