September 27, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          Which one of your family, friends or neighbours will die unnecessarily this winter? It is estimated that in Scotland this winter, approximately an extra 400 elderly and sick will die because the will not be able to heat their homes properly. Fuel poverty has always been a larger problem the further north you go in this country, Scotland’s winters tend to be colder than further south. So this recent astronomic price rise in energy supplies will proportionally kill more Scots than anywhere else in the UK. You have to ask yourself what democratic government would allow this to happen. For years energy companies have been making billions of pounds, shareholders have been reaping fat profits from those companies and CEOs have sorted millions of pounds into their various tax avoidance bank accounts. Yet we let our elderly and sick be killed because they can’t heat their homes adequately. I wonder how many energy company CEOs are worried about heating their home, or should I say “homes”.

         If ever we needed an example of how callous and brutal this insane capitalist system is, then this surely must be that evidence. To allow someone to sit and simply feel their life slipping away because it is cold and damp in a country that is awash with wealth is an indictment against the entire system of profit before people and against those who manage and perpetuate this cruel insanity, capitalism kills, when will we ever learn.

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