January 24, 2021
From Anarchist News

“To Kill King Abacus is to create relations without measure. If we aim to destroy capitalism we cannot reproduce its necrophilic logic which reduces relationships to numbers. To Kill King Abacus is to destroy the social net which privileges mediated transactions and images over direct relations. Because money is a general equivalent and thus is nearly limitless in its applications, it conquers other signifiers of value; capitalism transforms other value systems into itself. To Kill King Abacus is to disrupt this process of quantification. Money may be the most indiscriminate of whores but capitalism is not the only system which measures value. Justice, morality, law and culture itself are all value systems which weigh, judge and channel human action. We want to create relations which defy such equations. We therefore have no need for standardizing models within our struggle. In the absence of value systems desire shoots in new directions. Insurrection is desire rebelling against value.”
~ from Killing King Abacus Anthology: a collection of writings for relations without measure

Now available on Immediatism Podcast are the following selections from Killing King Abacus Anthology:
The Chris Kortright Intro
At the Center of the Volcano
The Persistent Refusal of Paradise

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Source: Anarchistnews.org