August 7, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Update on 6 August to crowdfunder set up by Bristol ABC on 30 July to support protesters in Bristol imprisoned on charges of riot and/or other charges, arising from the Bristol #KillTheBill protest on 21 March (others may face prison from later protests too).

Crowdunder set up by Bristol ABC Prisoner Support group – please donate here or go here –
Read the Statement by Bristol ABC & Bristol Defendant Solidarity – ‘We are proud of those who fought back against the police‘.
For latest news on protesters arrested/facing charges, follow Bristol Defendant Solidarity on twitter, and see this twitter thread dated 5 August.

Prisoner Support Crowdfunder update message, posted by Bristol ABC on 6 August:

Thanks so much for your support for the Kill the Bill prisoners. We have raised almost £18.5k in just one week
The huge outpouring of generosity shows that there is massive support for those being prosecuted, and those imprisoned. This is in sharp contrast to the message being put out by the courts, the police and the mainstream media.
We are almost two-thirds of the way there. But we need your help to reach our target. Please take a few minutes to share our crowdfunder ( via social media – or in whatever networks you organise in – and ask your friends to support those imprisoned too.
With solidarity,
Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

For clarity please note: BDS provide legal & other support to protesters arrested right through to the end of their court case (or the end of the police investigation if they are released without charge).
At the end of the court case, if a protester is imprisoned, then Bristol ABC take over to provide financial, practical & emotional support whilst in prison.
You can also support the Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS) crowdfunder to support those facing charges – the defendants. Ideally…you can support both crowdfunders. Any donations or any size are gratefully received!
Details of how funds raised will be used are clearly set out in both crowdfunders – please read and base your decision to donate on the info provided.

The next #KillTheBill – National Day of Action against the #PCSCBill is on Saturday 21 Augustsome details here – but protest details for Bristol are not yet known.