July 23, 2018
From Melbourne Antifascists (AUS)

Friday night saw things going down out at the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event in Somerton. A lot has been written about this, and SlackBastard has made a post here. However, what we want to focus on, given the tour still has 3 more shows in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, is her use of private security which includes neo-Nazis and those associated with them.


Here’s a photo of her security from Friday night run by the Nazi KKKlub Haus ‘Lads Society’. The Lads Society was set up by known Adolf Hitler admiring Blair Cottrell and his side-kick Tom Sewell (4th from left). Here’s Tommy Sewell and Cottrell celebrating Hitler’s birthday back in 2017:


The Lads Society’s first post on back in October 2017 included a number of books they recommended, including Mein Kampf, which they thought was too on the nose to show the cover of, but were happy to have opened up front and centre:


Sewell was also part of the security team that was out the front of the venue checking tickets and ID:

sewell-e1532096891867 (1)

In addition to Sewell, we have fellow Lads Society member Stuart Von Moger (kneeling next to Southern in top photo). Stuart was also following Southern around the city on Thursday as she had a massive self-own trying to stir up some faux outrage.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.13.03 am

Stuart has given a ‘workshop’ on how to get into the ‘security industry’ down at the Lads KKKlub Haus but, we guess he forgot to mention not to bring illegal weapons when there’s 500 cops deployed because one of the Lads got caught for carrying a taser on the night (media are pretty quiet on this point, huh?). If anyone has info on which particular knuckle-dragger this was, let us know.

So, why aren’t we talking about how Lauren Southern / event organisers hired neo-Nazi’s to run their security detail? Think we’re being hyperbolic? Nah, here’s some more info on these ‘Lads’:


Here’s Tom Sewell again with Antipodean Resistance member Jacob Hersant down at the Lads Society. Antipodean Resistance members and Lads Society have a cross over, and Antipodean Resistance are linked with international groups including National Action from the UK (who planned to murder a Labour MP), the Nordic Resistance Movement (who bombed a refugee centre) and Atomwaffen in the U.S who are linked to the murder of 5 people.  Some more about Antipodean Resistance by SlackBastardABC Ethics and Religion and Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

Tom is seen here again trying to convince a 19 year old kid running a Facebook page that a Nazi Germany’s white-nationalist ethno-state was the right idea but that the ‘historical worship isn’t productive to the cause’.

While Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux are still in the country, and while the event organiser is still trying to stay in the spotlight, we reckon it would be pertinent for journos to ask them why they felt it necessary to hire neo-nazi security guards, and how much they paid to further the Lads Society’s white nationalist endeavours.

Source: Melbourneantifascists.wordpress.com