April 18, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        We are still locked out of our archive because of this covid19 beast, though things are looking brighter. However we at Spirit of Revolt still manage to keep things moving, as best we can under the circumstances. One thing we can still do is bring you our monthly gem in the form of our “Read of the Month”.

        For this month’s “Read of the Month”, April, we have chosen a small booklet from our John Cooper Collection,
“Libertarian Communist Review”, from away back in 1974. Though written
back then, it is still as relevant today as the
day it was written, so is well worth a wee read. While on our website,
why not browse the many artefacts, leaflets, booklets, posters and
thousands of other parts of our anarchist/libertarian socialist history.
It is a wealth of information all relevant to today’s struggles for
that better world for all.

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