August 24, 2021
From Extinction Rebellion (UK)

Rebel Radio hosts are dusting off their LIVE broadcasting skills after over a year of COVID. Marijn van de Geer said: ‘I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be back live in the studio after the restrictions and over a year of Zooms. Three-dimensional people rock!!’

Don’t miss the new-improved live rebellion shows on between 11am and 12am on Tuesdays and Fridays and hosted by Marijn van de Geer and Jessica Townsend, who together founded XR’s podcast.

First Show Back

The issues covered in the first show were the Citizen’s Assembly, the pernicious delayism of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, and finally Zero Hour, the new name for the CEE Bill campaign.

Kathy Conn from XR’s CA Group explained the workings of a citizen’s assembly, perhaps the least understood of Extinction Rebellion’s demands. She explained how they differ from a jury system and talked about examples from this and other countries.

Then Marijn and co-presenter Jessica Townsend talked about the Tufton Street court case on October 28th this year, and the nefarious way that the Global Warming policy foundation have ramped up their activities this year before COP. In particular, they have been placing articles in the right-wing press to say carbon net zero is too expensive and most recently that blue hydrogen might be a good way to replace natural gas. Funnily enough the biggest fan of this approach is Gazprom.

The show ended with an interview with Sarah Lunnon and Anna Hyde from Zero Hour talked about the MPs and councils that are now supporting the CEE Bill.

Friday’s Show

Don’t miss Friday’s show which will in which XR Scientists will discuss their Shell Campaign focussing on the Science Museum, and Tom Hardy from Media Tell The Truth talking about denialism in the papers and perhaps an update from XR’s International Solidarity Network.

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